Pusat Rekayasa Industri

Head : Prof. Ir. Iswandi Imran, MASc.,Ph.D.

Inter University Research Center for Engineering Sciences

High quality human resources are undoubtedly needed for national development. In the engineering field, the high quality human resources is a push factor for the industrialization process and have a very important role in the economic development in the next 25 years. Currently, the size of qualified engineering manpower in Indonesia is limited and the level of research activity in engineering sciences is not yet sufficiently developed.

PPAU Ilmu Rekayasa ( PPAU-IR ) or Inter University Research Center for Engineering Sciences at Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB), which currently has more than 50 staff members with Doctorate degree work in 6 fully equipped laboratories, can play a major rule in producing highly qualified human resources, developing a scientific environment for staff members from other universities or research institution through Master and Doctorate programs. The qualified human resources, as the outputs of PPAU-IR, become the agents of development and will act as multiplying factors in engineering development.
PPAU ITB that was founded in 1985 is one of several others inter-university research center’s in Indonesia. It was assigned by DIKTI (Directorate General for Higher Education) to streghten the engineering education in Indonesia by supporting the graduate education at ITB.
PPAU Ilmu Rekayasa has 6 laboratories that carry out the mission in 6 major disciplines of engineeringscience. They are : Fluid Mechanics & Hydrodynamics, Lightweight Structures & Aerodynamics, Thermodynamics, Dynamics, Structural Mechanics, and Geotechnical Engineering Laboratories.