Hydrodynamics Services

Laboratory’s name Research
    • Hydrologic and River Basin Modelling
    • Geographic Information System (GIS)
    • Geographical Landscape Analysis and Integrated Land and Water Information System in River Basin & Coastal Zone for Integrated Planning – Management using Multi Criteria Decision Support System
    • River Hydraulics and morphology
    • Modelling of Estuarine and Coastal Processes
    • Modelling of Waves Transformation
    • Groundwater Modelling
    • Sediment Transport and Water Quality Modelling
    • Development of Computational Methods to solve issues related to Computational Fluid Dynamic Problem
    • Catchments Management
    • Hydrologic and Environmental Modelling in River, Estuarine, Reservoir & Coastal Water
    • Coastal Processes Studies
    • River Training & Protection Work
    • Shore Protection Work
    • Groundwater Modelling
    • Coastal Zone Management using Multi Criteria Analysis
    • Hydraulic Physical Modelling
      Consultancy Services
      Computer Simulation and Modelling
      Engineering Analysis
      Lab Testing
      Training / Short Course