Geotechnics Services

Laboratory’s name Research
    • Geotechnical Engineering Applied Research
    • Geotechnical Engineering Analysis such as dam, onshore and offshore foundations including pile driving analysis, reclamation, waterfront structures, deep-excavation, soil improvement, and dewatering system
    • Mining Geotechnical Analysis
    • Geophysical Survey
    • Geotechnical Investigation, testing, control, load test, instrumentation, monitoring system, and numerical back analysis
    • Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering. In connection with this research we are offering services in Seismic-Hazard Analysis, Microzonation, and Site-specific Response Spectra Analysis for both Onshore and Offshore Facilities.
    • Static and Dynamics 2-D and 3-D Stability Analysis of Geotechnical, Rocks, and Soil-structural Systems using in-house developed finite element programs as well as using commercial up-to-date finite element programs involving non-linear and elasto-plastic Geomaterial Modeling
    • Experienced geotechnical experts, research assistants, and engineers who have involved in wide variety of research and projects support the laboratory.
      Consultancy Services
      Computer Simulation and Modelling
      Engineering Analysis
      Lab Testing
      For education (first mission), the group attempts to provide a broad and diverse education and to maintain a balance between research and teaching, theory and practice, experimental and analytical techniques. As a result, the graduates are expected to have good fundamentals of Geotechnical Engineering.

      For research (second mission), the group members are actively engaged in research either in a supervisory activity at undergraduate and postgraduate levels or as research partners in sponsored research projects, funded by national research councils, ITB research funds, or industries. Most of the group members have established links with industry through various research projects and the wide range of consultancy assignments for various major construction projects, several of them are most prestigious projects, in Indonesia, such as:  Owner expert for the Suramadu Bridge (1500 m), foundation design for the Barelang Bridge, review foundation design of the Soekarno Bridge (1000 m), Java-Sumatra Bridge (Preliminary Study), foundation design for the Cipularang Bridges, foundation analysis for the Sibolga Power Plant, foundation analysis for the Tambak Lorok Power Plant, seismic hazard analysis for new combine cycle power plants, foundation analysis for the Bojonegara International Port, etc.

      The group has become one of the major contributors to the continuing professional development of the practicing geotechnical engineers. The group offers short courses and trainings to practicing geotechnical engineers.

      Training / Short Course